Lawrence Lee works in various media and subject matter but is best known for his solitary and incredibly strong shamanistic images painted in the vibrant colors of the desert sunset. They reflect expressive, haunting faces that evoke the feeling of spiritual strength and integrity.

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Lawrence W. Lee is an artist who specializes in dramatic images of imaginary, archetypal, shamanistc figures. He currently resides in Tucson, Arizona. His work has been internationally collected by private and corporate collectors for some four decades and is represented in several well-known museums.

"Lawrence Lee's shaman paintings aren't so much created as they are channeled from within the artist's psyche. Each figure has its own palpable personality, in large part due to the outpouring of emotion the artist uses to create them." -- Amy Steeby

"I can create my own reality, populate the world with my own beings and stretch the imagination. My paintings are confrontational, not comfortable. They require viewer participation. You have to imagine what it might be out there that gives a character such a countenance. What is he responding to? What is the nature of the abyss into which he gazes?"